The Red Teamer’s Manifesto

The red teamer is that rare contrarian who cares more about getting the job done right than poking someone in the eye or winning the corporate game.

  • Red teamers mine information from everywhere (but view all information as suspect).
  • Red teamers know when to talk and when to listen (and generally listen more than they talk).
  • Red teamers realize everyone holds a skewed perspective (even themselves).
  • Red teamers don’t kowtow to rank, title, or status (unless it serves their purpose).
  • Red teamers never demean or dismiss the adversary (and raise the red flag when it happens).
  • Red teamers see patterns instead of points (knowing that patterns are usually points in a larger pattern).
  • Red teamers worry more about learning than about being right (appreciating that they often learn the most when they’re wrong).
  • Red teamers understand the value of ego (but don’t let ego derail the hunt).
  • Red teamers know when to ask questions (but always question the answers).
  • Red teamers embrace skepticism (while shunning contempt).

I’m a red teamer:

  • I ask questions even when the answer seems obvious.
  • I entertain all relevant perspectives.
  • I protect my clients from their adversaries and from themselves.

Cross-posted at Red Team Journal.