Security is about much more than technology

Life etches grooves into our minds. We give these grooves different names: experience, scripts and schemas, thought patterns. Sometimes the thoughts running through these grooves serve us well; sometimes they betray us. Day to day, we are largely unaware of how the grooves influence our thoughts and behavior.

Red teaming is designed in part to help us become self-aware, to examine these grooves knowingly and adjust and reshape them as necessary (and as possible).

The resources here are designed to help us think about the largely transparent frames in which we conduct our adversarial analyses (and the corresponding frames in which our opponents conduct their thinking, planning, and even red teaming).

The “Beyond Red Teaming” Cards

These cards extend the Red Team Journal Red Teaming “Laws” and cards. The purpose of the BRT cards is to help security professionals consider and assess their own frames and narratives.

Red Teaming Moments

Our red teaming moments represent a collection of semi-random thoughts accumulated over two decades of red teaming. Are they too cynical? You decide . . .

‘Squad Rat’ Says . . .

We’ve collected the top sayings of “Squad Rat” to help explain the principles that underlie Super Quick and Dirty Red Teaming (SQRDT).