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Just say “no” to squeaky-wheel security

You know how it works; all too often, the press of daily events forces you to adopt a tactical and reactive approach to security. Lacking the resources and mandate to approach your systems as your adversaries might, you’re routinely left to grease the wheel that squeaks the loudest.

Our services help you frame and address your security challenges proactively by getting ahead of your adversaries. Our Systems-Aware Red Teaming (SysART) approach helps you manage your security engagements strategically while our Super Quick and Dirty Red Teaming (SQDRT) method offers quick-turnaround strategy insights. Both services, as well as our training courses, draw from the double-decade reservoir of insights we built over at Red Team Journal.

The squeaky wheel

Systems-Aware Red Teaming (SysART)

SysART logoThere’s never been a better time for a systems approach to security. Collectively, organizations are spending a king’s ransom on tactical, reactive security, and there’s no end in sight. We’ve designed our new approach, Systems-Aware Red Teaming (SysART), to help you leverage a small investment into a much larger strategic payoff.

Who: Security, operations, and risk assessment managers, leaders, and staff.

Why: Avoid surprise, broaden and refine assessment frames to enhance corporate defense across the system as a whole.

What: A framing and assessment approach rooted in principles of systems engineering and analysis.

How: Multiple online sessions hosted and facilitated by Reciprocal Strategies.

When: Your move! Contact us to discuss how we can put SysART to work for you.

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Super Quick and Dirty Red Teaming (SQDRT)

Super Quick and Dirty Red Teaming (SQDRT, or "Squad Rat")Want to jump start your red team? Super Quick and Dirty Red Teaming (SQDRT, or “Squad Rat”) is for streetwise rogues who don’t have time for any sort of fancy-pants SysART $#*&. Contact us and we’ll schedule a facilitated online session for your team using our indirect strategies, East/West toolkit. Three hours max. Get in. Get out. Kick some assumptions.

Who: Security analysis staff, threat analysis and intelligence teams, red teams.

Why: Anticipate possible sources and methods of surprise.

What: An adversary-based approach to strategy grounded in our custom methods.

How: A three-hour online diagramming and discussion session hosted and facilitated by Reciprocal Strategies.

When: Your move! Contact us to discuss how we can put SQDRT to work for you.

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Training Courses

We currently offer two training courses. Both are available online to teams of five or more. We also mix-and-match our toolkit to meet custom requirements. Contact us to discuss pricing and schedule a session.

Becoming Odysseus:

A one-day course covering the essentials of our Systems-Aware Red Teaming (SysART) approach. During this course, we discuss how to . . .

  • identify, map, and appropriately bound your system of interest;
  • build and manage a complete engagement model;
  • properly characterize your adversaries and their concepts of operation; and
  • identify and address common dilemmas and illusions.

Dragon and Knight:

A three-hour course addressing culturally rooted approaches to direct and indirect strategies. During this course, we discuss . . .

  • traditional Chinese and Western concepts of strategy,
  • the cultural substrate,
  • direct and indirect strategies, and
  • how “cyber” changes the game.

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