Complexity giveth . . .

. . . and complexity taketh away.

The sorcerer

The lure of increasingly complex systems characterizes our age. Each system iteration is more complex than the last; each new capability breaks new ground and sets the stage for the next iteration. We are sorcerers of systems: confident, authoritative, commanding . . .

The apprentice

. . . until something goes wrong. Our control slips, and what seemed like assurance now looks like hubris. Who knew? Did anyone ask the right questions at the beginning? Did anyone imagine how the system might succumb to combinatory, compound, or adversarial events? If not, why not?

20 years in the making

Over 20 years ago, two concerns troubled our founder, Mark Mateski: first, most major systems of relevance were becoming too complex to address using traditional reductionist approaches; and second, most system owners underestimated the exposure of their own systems to mishap and attack.

He launched Red Team Journal with the goal of addressing these concerns. A nascent community of systems thinkers, security professionals, and red teamers responded.

Highly regarded

In 2015, Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy, the first major book on red teaming, acknowledged Mark’s contribution. Author Micah Zenko noted that Mark “has done more to honestly evaluate and responsibly promote red teaming than anyone,” while Red Team Journal “still serves as the best open-source repository for helpful hints and emerging practices in the field.”

Today, Reciprocal Strategies brings to clients the insights and tools that fueled RTJ and inspired a generation of system managers, system operators, strategists, and red teamers. Of particular importance are the strategies of

  • Exploring the assumptions that “boot up” before the system does.
  • Mapping and understanding the whole system (to the maximum degree possible); and
  • Anticipating the potential weaknesses and effects of that system.

True to our heritage

We’ve distilled 20 years of systems thinking, systems engineering, red teaming, wargaming, and security experience into our multidisciplinary proactive risk avoidance approach. It’s designed to help you apply a systems view to the challenge of building, managing, and protecting your complex systems. And don’t worry; we’ve harnessed the same trailblazing mindset that has made Red Team Journal so trusted, acclaimed, and innovative.

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